Must have been have been registered, on the 10th of November 2005 with the approval of the CFPA Board, otherwise on revelation, the CFPA Board would have been left with no option other than to ask for Mr Kydd’s resignation, from the steering group at least. But this has not happened so readers must assume that the ‘Board’ approved of the internal connection and the obvious advantage such ‘insider’ dealings harnesses. On the London Stock Exchange such behaviour results in immediate suspension or even prosecution, but in our Highland economy its who you know, rather than what you know that counts.

Now what readers must not underestimate is the part that the Ross and Cromarty Enterprise (RACE) must have played, and still are playing, in this underhand operation and that they are prepared to sell the guid folk, resident in and around the Nigg Peninsula, ‘down the Swannee’ just to satisfy their masters in Government and their need to find somewhere to decommission, not only the defunct oil rigs but so too the American ships carrying radio activity material, at present lying at Hartlepool.

So guid readers lets revise, we are being led by the nose into a situation, once established will be with us and future generations to come. Only a handful of people will make money out of the project while the ‘man/woman on the ground’ could well end up with incurable diseases in later life. Readers stand up and be counted!