Its no secret just who the directors of the CFPA are so I do not need to identify all of them in the columns of the ‘Highlander’.

In the back end of 2005, on the 16th of December to be exact, I got a letter from Mr Jimmy Gray, Chairman of the CFPA Board. My Gray stated that the CFPA were the preferred bidders for the facility at Nigg and that CFPA had no partners in their bid. What Mr Gray failed to reveal is that one board member, Mr Michael Burns Kydd who is also on the steering group for the possible purchase and future development of the Nigg Yard had other internal interests.

Nor did Mr Gray reveal, if he knew about it, that the same Mr Kydd, along with his two partners, Mr Patrick James Kelly, of Solihull and Mr Timothy Richard Harvey Phillips of Avoch, registered a limited liability company named Nigg Decommissions Ltd. on the 10th of November 2005,

Further investigation by your editor revealed that Scot Rail have been in negotiations, possibly with RACE and Highland Council, but as far as I can ascertain not the appropriate landowners, over a route for a rail spur
link from Fearn Station to the Nigg Point.

Lets not forget the legacy that the Invergordon aluminium smelter has left behind —as yet unexplained, a dramatic rise in cancer cases to such an extent that unofficially the disease in the area is referred to as Smelteritis.