Hearsay claims that one moment the R.A.C.E. Chief Executive was behind his desk attending to the daily chores which go with the running of the Invergordon office, the next he was confronted by HIE Area Operations Director, Douglas Yule, and a female member of HIE’s Human Resources Department, thereafter he (Maitland) was told to clear his desk and leave the building forthwith. Such was the speed of the operation and the demand to leave the RACE building that your editor can only surmise the HIE Executive have something they did not want revealed. Its unlikely we will ever discover the whole truth but speculation is rife.

Contacting the HIE Media Office and speaking to Ms Caroline Rham, late of the Ross-shire Journal, to seek clarification on just who confronted Mr Hyslop and fired him, Ms Rham confirmed that Douglas James Yule was the hatchet man but stated that HIE was not prepared to reveal his female companion’s identity. So much for the FOI Act and the so called HIE’s policy of Openness and Accountability. However as all readers of the ‘Highlander’ are aware there are many ways to ‘skin a cat’ and this old bugger is very adept at unearthing the hidden agendas our LECs and HIE try to disguise. The lady’s name is, for readers info, Ms Liz Scott. Apparently such was the upset shown by the RACE staff over the treatment meted out to Mr Hyslop that perhaps it could have affected Ms Scott too?

Mr Douglas James Yule is listed at Companies House as Company Secretary for HIE Moray and a Director of Eden Court Highlands and he was formally the Chief Executive of MBSE before taking up his present position with HIE. Professionally Mr Yule is listed as a chartered surveyor.

But where tell me where was the HIE Chief Executive, Sandy Cumming all this time? Perhaps cowering in his corner, or having a more important engagement, a coffee morning or such with the local WRI.