While the Invergordon Business Association, along with a minor MSP bewails the potential loss to Invergordon, and the wider community of Ross & Cromarty, by the impending disbandment of RACE your editor is of a different opinion and believes wholeheartedly that not only should RACE be wiped from the slate but so too should the remaining LECs and HIE itself. Over the years it has been proved time and again that cronyism, and at times down right corruption, have been prevalent in the giving of grant aid to privileged members of the business community along with community groups and individuals. I could go on but as it has already been publicised and unchallenged there is little point.

A far better solution to the ‘Highland problem’ would be for the millions of £s of annual European funding, along with the UK contribution, to be administrated by the professionals at Highland Council, rather than by unaccountable Quangos, appointed by the Government. Who (the Quangos) are able to lump LEC’s annual expenditure with HIE’s making it impossible to trace any of the many, illegal payments made over the years.

After all Highland Council is the administrator of the LEC’s pension funds, so one could say they are already half way there.

The news of the RACE chief executive’s sacking was broken to your editor via telephone within minutes of it happening. Invergordon Highland Councillor, J. R. Connell said that he was absolutely devastated by the information and the resulting fallout that would ensue, not only to Mr Hyslop but to the RACE staff and the actual town of Invergordon. Maitland Hyslop had considerable foresight into the problems which afflict the town, apparently he was promoting various schemes for the regeneration of the area, said Connell. Now all these ideas may be placed on the ‘back burner.’ Whilst the ‘Highlander’ had many written spats with ‘the man’ as far as I am aware, on my side at least, there was nothing of a personal nature, although at times tempers shortened considerably.